Episode 4-Great Loop Prep Visit to Fort Vancouver

I had one more National Park to visit before I left the Pacific Northwest to begin my Great Loop Adventure. With my current schedule I’m gone all of December and maybe half of January. Putting the house on the market in February means getting the house ready to list. With a target date of leaving in April I’m concerned I would have enough time to get down and visit Fort Vancouver.

Fort Vancouver is located in Vancouver Washington along the Columbia river. The settlement began in the early 1800s. Although the area was well settled with thriving Native American communities. The Native Americans had agriculture and a robust trading system covering most of the North America. The Columbia River was the main trade route.

The weather was good, and I needed to drop some stuff off at a friend of mine’s house before he left for Thanksgiving vacation to Eastern Oregon. So I combined visiting Fort Vancouver with my trip to Bob’s to drop his stuff off. As it turned out the weather was fabulous. I ended up spending over 4 hours exploring the park.

Another thing that happened is, I am on the mailing list for Waterways Guide, I have already purchased one of their guides. They had a two for one sale going. With my membership with the American Great Loop Cruisers Association,AGLCA, I was able to pick up the Great Lakes volume 1 and Great Lakes volume 2 editions. I arranged to have them shipped to my son in Massachusetts whom I’ll be visiting with the month of December.

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