Episode 11 – Needed Updates

Foote Loose needs some gauges repaired.

The tach was being very eradicate and the motor tilt gauge was not working at all. Took my C-Dory Foote Loose to Boat Country. It turns out a few of the nuts behind the tach we’re loose and the sensor for the tilt gauge was stuck. After un-sticking the gauge and a little grease that gauge was good to go! Only about $150.00 what a deal.

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Episode 10-Rethinking C-Dory’s Great Loop Departure Location

Today while working on putting new Thumbnails on 2 of my videos. I also took a moment to map out how long it would take to launch from Galilee Boat Launch South of Providence Rhode Island versus launching from Hudson River Public Boat Launch in Hudson New York. The drive to Hudson New York is closed to 3 hours while the drive from Jeremy’s house is only an hour. It’s only about 2 hours to the North side of Massachusetts where I would be storing my boat trailer.The more I look at it the more I believe Jeremy’s suggestion of leaving from Providence Rhode Island area makes more sense.

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Episode 8-Preparing C Dory for Great Loop Adventure- Upgrade

One advantage of embarking on my great loop adventure with my 22 Ft. C Dory 22 Ft cruiser, Foote Loose, It’s having the reason to upgrade equipment.

My tilt gauge and tech have not been working very well for the past Several months. So I took Foote Loose to the Honda marine mechanic at Boat Country in Everett Washington, to repair those issues.

I have also purchase; A new steering hydraulic, AIS system, and an auto pilot. I met with Harbor Marine to arrange for them to install these 3 upgrades.The current plan is for them to install it in January.

Episode 9-Preparing C Dory for Great Loop Adventure – Installing Hydrofoil

Today I installed the SE Sport 300 Hydrofoil. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to install. It only took me a couple of hours. I was pleased that it’s the same color gray as the engine. So everything matches really nice. I took my time, read the directions. 3 things I did a little bit different was making sure the drill holes did not go through the bottom directional trim tab on the engine. I began with a small guide hole to drill. I also used blue tape to tape the template onto the engine so that it didn’t move allowing me to make accurate marks for drilling.

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Episode 7- C-Dory Foote Loose Prep for Great Loop Visit with Pat and Patty

Today I was able to visit Pat and Patty up in Bellingham Washington. They have made the Great Loop before and had some spare equipment. They had an air conditioner and an oil change machine.

Pat and Patty have been great to work with and have taught me many things getting my C-Dory 22 Ft. Cruiser, Foote Loose, ready for the grand adventure traveling the Great Loop.

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Episode 5-Grand Loop Prep Visit with King Bob

Just spent the weekend with that away and had a very enjoyable time at their resort. Bob and his lovely wife made me feel right at home.

Having an opportunity to spend time with him really helped educate me in different items I need to take care of and things I don’t need to worry about. He strongly suggested that I get an autopilot, and up until speaking to him about that my impression was the motor was really big. As it turns out the motor is not that big and he actually did a little research for me and located a really nicely priced Raymarine Wireless Autopilot. It arrives in about a week and then the work begins. At that time, I’ll replace the steering mechanism with a new steering pump, install the autopilot and my new seat.

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Episode 4-Great Loop Prep Visit to Fort Vancouver

I had one more National Park to visit before I left the Pacific Northwest to begin my Great Loop Adventure. With my current schedule I’m gone all of December and maybe half of January. Putting the house on the market in February means getting the house ready to list. With a target date of leaving in April I’m concerned I would have enough time to get down and visit Fort Vancouver.

Fort Vancouver is located in Vancouver Washington along the Columbia river. The settlement began in the early 1800s. Although the area was well settled with thriving Native American communities. The Native Americans had agriculture and a robust trading system covering most of the North America. The Columbia River was the main trade route.

The weather was good, and I needed to drop some stuff off at a friend of mine’s house before he left for Thanksgiving vacation to Eastern Oregon. So I combined visiting Fort Vancouver with my trip to Bob’s to drop his stuff off. As it turned out the weather was fabulous. I ended up spending over 4 hours exploring the park.

Another thing that happened is, I am on the mailing list for Waterways Guide, I have already purchased one of their guides. They had a two for one sale going. With my membership with the American Great Loop Cruisers Association,AGLCA, I was able to pick up the Great Lakes volume 1 and Great Lakes volume 2 editions. I arranged to have them shipped to my son in Massachusetts whom I’ll be visiting with the month of December.

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Episode 3-Great Loop Making Videos

This morning started off in a rush when I woke up my clock showed it was 7:00 a.m. and it was really 6:00 a.m. because time change. I did not realize it. Anyways I rushed downstairs to make my weekly phone call with my cousin Jackie and his wife Linda. Then I looked at my phone and it said 6:00 a.m. then I looked at another digital device I have and it said 6:00 a.m. too. I had an hour to wait. Research time! We started talking just about every Sunday starting a few years ago when I was going through a very trying time in my life. They were my rocks. Jackie and Linda also view things differently than me and we’ve been discussing the the great loop. Plus they have helped with research. Jack and Linda come up with a lot of good thoughts in regards of things I need to think about. Today we talked about my current mindset in regards to having certain things or destinations that I want to go. Instead of a time frame of needing to be at such and such a place at such and such a time. They thought that was a great idea. We also talked about my thoughts in regards to leaving Lake Michigan area from either the Green Bay side or the East side in September. Jackie and Linda lived in Chicago for many years and went to the Bears games down on the lakefront. They informed me that September could be pretty dicey on the Lake Michigan and it can get cold and storms can roll in. So I need to rethink leaving the great lakes in September. Maybe I might leave earlier and not go as far as the gulf for the next leg. Store my boat somewhere down in Kentucky or someplace like that.

One of the exciting things about this adventure is that it keeps changing and there’s a lot of unknowns.

Today my goal was to put together my video on my investigation for fuel use. It didn’t quite work out that way. When I started to work on it in Canva, on my new laptop, I discovered I didn’t have the necessary documents downloaded to dropbox. Then, one of the families I’m working with, with my real estate career, needed to change what they were searching for and they needed me to readjust what I was sending them. So the research and subsequent screening, than sending properties took a significant amount of my day. I didn’t get back to working on my video until late in the afternoon, actually early evening. When I did get back to it I knew I needed to download, or really transfer, the information from Google Docs over to dropbox. During that process I discovered I had the Dropbox for the real estate on my phone so I needed to get it off and then load up the new Dropbox. By the time I got done transferring everything over it was time to hit the hay and go to bed.

Other things that I did today was; I learned how to put links in my blog, researched different types of electric scooters, inflatable kayaks, and surge protectors.

Pretty good day all in all.

May all your Seas be calm

Episode 2-Great Loop Prep Continued

I feel pretty good about today accomplishments. My goal was to set up my blog and to finish transferring my folders and information from Google Docs to Dropbox.

My research with blogger.com versus WordPress showed me that WordPress was the better choice research with blogger.com versus WordPress, showed me that WordPress was the better choice.

I had forgotten that I started a Blog with Boat Up Dining in WordPress, when I was learning how to sell stuff on the internet. So that was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t need to set up an account because I already had one! My first setting up and writing my new blog was accomplished pretty quickly.

Moving stuff from Google docs to Dropbox, now that is a different matter. It’s not really difficult just laborious. I have a lot of stuff to move. After today I moved quite a bit of material and I believe I’ve gotten everything I want.

Visiting National Park Service sites is real interesting to me. I get to learn about particular events in different parts of the country

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