Columbia Boat Trip Day 5

We showered and ate breakfast at Port of Camas. It was a real rainy morning and a little windy.  We left Camas at 10:20 and headed for St. Helens Marina. Arrived at St. Helen’s Marina store at about 1:17 p.m., Mile 86. Filled up with 12.4 gallons of fuel. It was raining pretty steadily. We passed several different cargo ships anchored in the river waiting to be loaded. Also passed an anchored paddle wheeler. While passing through Longview,  Washington we saw them pulling out a cargo ship. They used 2  tugs,  on pushed the stern upriver while the other pulled the bow down river.

A ways past Longview we passed  a ship that looked like it was dredging the riverbed. Nothing was coming out. We were wondering if it might be mining for some type of mineral or something other mineral.

We also we passed a stern paddle wheeler docked on the Washington side.

The ship we saw pulled out of dock in Longview caught up with us so I pulled in to a bay and let it pass. Then we fell in behind and took advantage of the smoother water.

We worked our way through the Cathlamet Channel passage to Elochomen Marina in Cathlamet.  By the time we got there the fuel station had closed along with the marina office. So we chose a spot to tie-up, paid the $13 for moorage and $8 for power. We walked into town ( 3 blocks max) and had dinner at Sharon’s Pizza and More. The pizza was plenty big and plenty good.  Than we settled in for the night.

In the morning we decided to eat breakfast at PJ’s Pizza Burgers & More.  It was a short walk over. The breakfast good and service friendly.

Photo of PJ's Pizza Express - Cathlamet, WA, United States

Elochomen Marina is well protected from the wind. The facilities are clean and modern.

With that we headed to Astoria and ended our trip.

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