Episode 2-Great Loop Prep Continued

I feel pretty good about today accomplishments. My goal was to set up my blog and to finish transferring my folders and information from Google Docs to Dropbox.

My research with blogger.com versus WordPress showed me that WordPress was the better choice research with blogger.com versus WordPress, showed me that WordPress was the better choice.

I had forgotten that I started a Blog with Boat Up Dining in WordPress, when I was learning how to sell stuff on the internet. So that was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t need to set up an account because I already had one! My first setting up and writing my new blog was accomplished pretty quickly.

Moving stuff from Google docs to Dropbox, now that is a different matter. It’s not really difficult just laborious. I have a lot of stuff to move. After today I moved quite a bit of material and I believe I’ve gotten everything I want.

Visiting National Park Service sites is real interesting to me. I get to learn about particular events in different parts of the country

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Episode 1-Great Loop Prep

My old laptop was getting old and slow. It didn’t seem to have the spunk nor the power that I need anymore. I guess a 10-year-old laptop in today’s world is pretty old.

I went to Best Buy and purchased myself a new laptop. In the process of setting it up, I’m moving my saved folders from a Google drive to Dropbox. This process takes a while and sometimes you need to sit around to let the download download. I’m not really good at sitting around doing nothing. So I decided to work on my trip a little bit. I know I can’t figure day-to-day stuff although there are certain sites I do want to see. So I decided that I would start marking those out while I was waiting for the downloads to download.

My focus during my great adventure is going to be to visit National Parks, National Preserves, National historic areas and areas such as that. Not necessarily focus on state parks. I also, when I go to town to eat I’m going to ask a local police officer for the best place in town to eat that I could easily get to. So as I go through my adventure I’m sure to find some really tasty places to eat at a reasonable price.

I located nine places along the Erie Canal route to Buffalo. The areas I want to visit are;

In Waterford, Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor.

In Fultonville the National Shrine of North American Martyrs.

In St Johnville, Fort Klock Restoration Site

In Llion, the Remington Firearm Museum

In Rome, Fort Stanwix National Monument I want to visit two places in Seneca falls. Women’s Rights National Historic Park and National Women’s Hall of Fame

When I get to Buffalo there’s two things I want to do there as well. Of course I need to take a tour to Niagara Falls. You can’t be that close to Niagara Falls and not go visit Niagara Falls. I think that would be un-American. The other spot that I want to visit is Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site.

Yep I know, some of these places are not national parks or national historic areas. Although they do sound interesting to me. So I’m going to stop and see him.

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The East Side Stops

West Side Stops