Episode 19 Sold The Dirt House

I put my dirt house up for sale on February 24, had mutual acceptance on February 25th. I need to be out of the house by March 28th. There is an old saying “The job fits the time”. Part of the challenge is to be out of the house by March 28th. I was scheduled to conduct de-escalation training In Defuniak Florida 26th through March 3rd. I had also promised my 95 year old mother I would visit her in Fort Collins Colorado on the way home. Staying there until March 7th. I’m selling just about everything. If it doesn’t fit in a U-Haul pod, it ain’t going! So I have 20 days to get everything taken care of in the house. I need to hit it in high gear on March 8th when I get back.

Foote Loose is still in at Harbor Marine getting the compass, for the auto pilot, moved while I’m away. With luck that will be done by March 8th so I can move it to Boat Country so the engines can be serviced. Changing the oil, spark plugs, air filters, fuel filters, and lower gear box fluid changed.

#great loop #cdory #c-dory #greatloop #cbrats #c-brats #boating #cruising

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