Episode 18 – Auto Pilot Failed Test

Took foot loose out For a training session to begin using the auto pilot.

I cruised out on Possession sound and position myself between Hat Island-Comano Island and Whitby Island. Well away from electronic interference. The 1st task was to calibrate the compass. That was accomplished. When it came the auto pilot to set a course, I set a way point in the Garmin and attempted to navigate to it using auto pilot. Foote Loose did not follow the track. I explored several different settings, attempted different processes and none worked . After 2 hours of attempting to get it to work with no success I decided to bag it, get lunch and study the manuals some more.

Tomorrow, I’m heading back down to the boat show and talk to the Garmin folks in regards to how to set up for auto pilot. To see if there’s something I’m missing. I’m also bringing my information for the auto pilot to explore that as well.

My current plan is to go out again on Sunday.

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