Episode 17 – Get Foote Loose ?

Today I received a phone call that it was good to come get Foote Loose that all the work was done. Turned out installation was a hefty price to upgrade. I figured the investment is well worth it. When I went to pick up Foote Loose we discovered the electrical cord connecting the boat to the truck had been cut by mistake when moving Foote Loose around the work area at Harbor Marine. Of course they’re fixing it at their expense. So, Foote Loose. Is still at Harbor Marine, I hope to be picking it up the next day or so. I’ve been studying up how to run the auto pilot and all I need to do now is get out on the water and play with it.

Other things I accomplished today were; Prepping my generator to sell and list on Facebook’s marketplace. Straightened up the garage allowing me to store all my empty boxes in the garage in a nice neat matter. Straightened up the dining room area making it look nice. My target date to list a house is February 19th and here it is February 6th. I’ve only got 12 more days to get the house ready to list.

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