Episode 2-Great Loop Prep Continued

I feel pretty good about today accomplishments. My goal was to set up my blog and to finish transferring my folders and information from Google Docs to Dropbox.

My research with blogger.com versus WordPress showed me that WordPress was the better choice research with blogger.com versus WordPress, showed me that WordPress was the better choice.

I had forgotten that I started a Blog with Boat Up Dining in WordPress, when I was learning how to sell stuff on the internet. So that was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t need to set up an account because I already had one! My first setting up and writing my new blog was accomplished pretty quickly.

Moving stuff from Google docs to Dropbox, now that is a different matter. It’s not really difficult just laborious. I have a lot of stuff to move. After today I moved quite a bit of material and I believe I’ve gotten everything I want.

Visiting National Park Service sites is real interesting to me. I get to learn about particular events in different parts of the country

#great loop #cdory #c-dory #greatloop #cbrats #c-brats #boating #cruising

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