Columbia River Trip Day 3

Columbia River Trip Day 3We monitored our weather apps and saw that wind would be picking up about 10 a.m. in on the Columbia River area we were heading. After fixing a quick cup of coffee, eating a granola bar we headed for the Dalles Dam. While planning for our adventure down the Columbia River, I did not really locate a YouTube video demonstrating how to “Lock Through the Dalles Locks.” Click here to see our attempt at an informational video. When locking through a dam, you contact the lock master informing them of your intent. Using marine radio channel 14, or calling them on the phone. You may say something like this: “Dalles, Westbound Foote’s Rest requests lock through instructions.”  If it’s the first time you’ve locked through, tell them that. They will slow things down for you. Normally they will tell you what you need to know. When you’re westbound you will tie up on the Washington side. The lock master will tell you the side to tie-up. It will be either the Washington side or Oregon side.

After passing through the Dalles locks, on the Columbia river we docked at The Dalles Marina.  We moored next to the fuel pumps and called one of the volunteers to come down and fill us  up. You’ll find their phone numbers on a bulletin board on the left side of the dock. He was very friendly and helpful. After we were done fueling we called our friend Dave, who showed us around the area. He took us over to visit the Schreiner Farms, who raises and protects many types of animals. They work with animal rescue organizations and zoos. We had lunch at the Water’s Edge Restaurant. It’s cafeteria-style ordering,  service was okay  food priced between $10 to $20, outdoor seating  with view of the river. It was really a lot of fun and we really enjoyed spending time with Dave.

After having fun at The Dalles, we headed further West down the Columbia River. Another fifteen Miles downriver to Hood River Marina (mile 170) where we topped off the tanks with 9 gallons.

After settling in our guest berth, refilling or ice chest and cleaning up. We headed over to Portway Ave. near the river. To find a place for dinner. It was a short one mile walk , click here for map. There are a number of places to eat on Portway Ave. While walking over to Portway you could to into town by just making a left on N. 2nd St. We decided to eat at to Family Friem, Brewery and Resturant.  We enjoyed the local brew with our dinner of bratsfamily_friem_menu_2. Service was good the brewery nicely decorated, service was good, has a river view. Menus items cost $6 to $17.

Across the street from the marina are several stores. There are two gas stations that sell groceries and such, a Starbucks and McDonalds.

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