Columbia River Trip Day 2

Continuing our adventure down the Columbia River. We left Boardman about 8 a.m. in the morning. Stopped at Arlington Oregon mile marker 240 and filled up with 19 gallons of fuel.  Than we continued down the Columbia River to John Day Lock and Dam. The locks are on the Washington side.

Locking through the John Day Locks and Dam am on the Columbia River. Short video showing an actual lock through as a first timer. The lock masters are real friendly particularly when you tell them this is your first time locking through. Don’t be afraid to tell them you are new, everyone has the first time or two. Asking for additional information is OK. The dams are on VHG-FM Channel 14 of the marine radio. John Day is the second dam West of the Tri-Cities in Washington state. The Tri-Cities comprise of Richland, Pasco and Kennewick. This is my first lock through on the Columbia and my first filming, so please do not be to critical. My films showing locking through procedure for the Dalles and Bonneville dams are better. John Day dam was our first attempt at producing a short film showing how to lock through a large dam.

After locking through, we went on to Miller Island. We arrived about 2:15, on the Washington side, and waited outside a railroad tunnel for trains to go through. It was a beautiful sunny day so we just got out the lawn chairs and floated around waiting for trains to come by. It was a great day. After we were done with that. We decided to stay, We found a cove to anchor. We figured we would stay in what we thought would be a well-protected area in case the wind came up. Well it wasn’t really well protected. We did have wind but the anchor held through the night. About 6 p.m. a small cruise ship passed by, that was kind of neat. We saw two Amtrak trains come through and a bunch of freight trains.

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