Columbia River – Day 1

We left Richland Marine Park  part of the City of Richland Parks & Recreation, map, bright and early about 9:30 in the morning.  We began at river mile marker 331. We first went up river looking for a restaurant for breakfast, but were unable to locate it so we turned around and headed down river. The locks for the McNary Dam are on the Washington State side. We braved the day and went through our first lock at McNary Dam at 2 p.m.. Everything went well. We were surprised how far down you drop. Stopped at Umatilla for fuel about 17 gallons.  After leaving Umatilla, we were going to try some bass fishing, in an area that looked promising. But the water got to shallow real quick. Almost grounded, the water depth went from 80 Ft to 2 ft in a matter of feet. I was glad we were going real slow. Put it in reverse and avoided being grounded. Headed down to Boardman. Then the wind picked up and waves were between 4 and 5 feet high. We were able to get to Boardman’s in their sheltered Marina.  After securing the boat, we walked into town for dinner. A Short 20 minute walk brought us to C & D Drive In, a nice place. We had their  baked chicken wraps. We went to bed about about 9:30. In the morning, we were concerned about high winds again and big waves. So as Bob got the Foote’s Rest ready to go, I walked back over to C & D Drive In and got two of their deluxe breakfast burritos. Plenty good and filled us up.


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